How to use the Corona Render 9 Built-in Material Library in 3dsmax 2024

Hi everyone! Today’s blog post is dedicated to exploring the preinstalled material library of Corona Render, a treasure trove for anyone looking to enhance their 3D projects with high-quality shaders and textures.

Accessing the Library To dive in, simply click on the “Open Material Library” button in the Corona Toolbar. This launches a new window where you can explore the extensive range of free Corona shaders and textures.

Finding Specific Materials Looking for something specific? Head to the search bar in the top-left corner. For this tutorial, let’s type in “Brick.” Watch how the left panel refreshes to display only collections containing ‘Brick’ shaders.

Applying Materials to Objects Now, let’s navigate to the Stone collection. To apply a shader to an object, left-click and drag your chosen shader onto it. Alternatively, if your object is already selected, right-click for more options and choose “Assign to Selected Object.” Here, you’ll also find “Show Bigger Preview” to get a detailed view of the texture size.

Editing Materials in the Material Editor If you’re not ready to apply the material directly, drag and drop it into the material editor. After tweaking it to your liking, right-click and select “Assign to Selected Object,” or drag the output node to your object.

Selecting Objects by Material Corona Render makes it easy to select all objects with a particular material. Right-click the material and choose “Select in Scene.” In the material editor, right-click and select “Select/Select by Material” to open a selection window with your objects preselected.

Organizing Favorites As you explore, you might find materials you’ll use frequently. Add these to your favorites by clicking the star icon in the upper right corner of the shader. You can also manage your favorites via the right-click additional options.

Sorting and Viewing Options To focus on your favorite materials, check the “Favorite Only” box. Sort materials by name, favorites, or recent use, and adjust the thumbnail size to suit your preference in the “Sort By” and “Size” sections.

A Rich Variety of Shaders The library offers an array of shaders like concrete, fabrics, and wood, ideal for quickly texturing your projects. It’s particularly useful for those new to Corona and without an extensive material library.

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