Corona Render Toolbar Options Overview

Today, we’re going to explore the Corona Render toolbar. The toolbar is filled with shortcuts that make it easier and quicker to use some of the most common Corona tools, like cameras, lights, the Corona sun, and starting a rendering. These shortcuts can save a lot of time in architectural visualization projects.

To open the toolbar, right-click on any empty part of the toolbar area and select “Chaos CoronaToolbar.”

Corona renderer Toolbar
The Add CoronaCam button opens the Create panel under Cameras and selects the Corona Camera for you. Just click anywhere in your viewport to place a new camera in your scene.
The Corona camera from view is another favourite of mine, it lets you turn any perspective view into a camera. This saves a lot of time when creating new angles or views for your projects.
The Corona Light button opens the Create panel under Lights, and it automatically picks the Corona Light with the settings you used last. You can add lights to your scene just by clicking on any view.
Next is the Corona Sun button. Like the light button, it takes you straight to the Corona Sun in the Create panel. Just click and drag in the top view to add a new Corona Sun.
The create Corona Proxy button is next. This opens the Create panel under Geometry and selects the CProxy. You can then add an empty proxy dummy to your scene with a click in the viewport. But, I suggest merging a pre-made proxy or making a new one instead of using this option.
One of my favourites, and something I highly recommend for any archviz project, is the Corona Unified Lister. When you click this, a new window opens. It has four tabs for controlling most settings for your Cameras, Displacement, Lights and Scatters.
To quickly create proxies, use the Corona Proxy Exporter button. You can also find it by right-clicking in the viewport. To know more about this check out my Corona Proxy video for more info.
The Corona Converter is great for changing all the assets in your scene to Corona format. This is super useful if you have assets like proxies, materials, or images from other renderers in your scenes. Right-click in the viewport and select the Corona Converter to use it.
The Material Library button opens the pre-installed material library. If you want more details about this, take a look at my Corona Material Library tutorial.
The open Corona interactive light mix setup button will quickly open the LightMix setup panel. Just remember, starting a new light mix setup in Corona Version 6+ will erase all your previous light mix settings.
If you accidentally close the Corona Virtual Frame Buffer, the Show Corona Frame Buffer button will bring it back.
We can also start the interactive rendering in the active view. This is good for small adjustments. But for more complex changes like Lightmix or post effects, use the next button to start rendering in the Virtual Frame Buffer.
The Resume Last Render button is useful for continuing a render from where it last stopped or left off. This is great for cleaning up a render or doing a part of the render again without starting over.

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