Mastering 3D Composition: Using Image Comp Helper in 3ds Max

Hi everyone! Today, we are learning how to enhance your 3D compositions using the “Image Comp Helper” script in 3ds Max. This tool is fantastic for applying photographic rules easily to your camera compositions.

Step 1: Downloading the Script First things first, download the script from This is an updated version of the original, packed with extra features. As of 2021, the original version isn’t available, so this modified script is your go-to choice.

Step 2: Installing the Script Once downloaded, simply drag and drop the script into 3ds Max. To add it to your workspace, right-click on any empty space in the toolbar area, choose customize, find “ThefactoryCGI” group, and drag the script to your toolbar. (For tips on creating toolbars, check out my dedicated toolbars video).

Step 3: Using the Script Using the script is a breeze. It adds visual guides to your selected viewport with seven different layout options, ranging from customizable grids to various composition rules like the Rule of Thirds, Golden Ratio, and more.

The Rule of Thirds – This is a classic and easy-to-use photography rule. It divides your viewport into nine sections with four intersecting lines. These lines are your cues for positioning key elements in your composition, ensuring balance and a pleasing aesthetic. Remember to leave some negative space for contrast.

The Golden Spiral – A bit more intricate, the Golden Spiral guides you to position your main subjects at the start of the spiral and use its curvature to frame them. It’s highly effective for dynamic compositions. The script allows adjustments like zooming and shifting in the X or Y axis for greater control.

Aspect Ratio Settings Lastly, the script lets you choose from standard image aspect ratios, toggle between landscape or portrait, and turn on/off the safe frames.

This script is an invaluable tool for quickly enhancing your compositions and managing settings efficiently.

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