Install and Run Multiple Versions of Corona Renderer in 3ds Max

Hello, everyone! In this post, we are going to learn how to install and run multiple versions of the Corona Renderer at the same time. This is useful for testing different versions or daily builds without disrupting your existing projects. This method is effective for Corona Renderer 5 and newer versions.

Step 1: Downloading the Latest Version

Begin by downloading the latest build from the official Corona Website. If you’re setting this up on multiple computers, consider downloading the Offline Material Library to avoid downloading the files multiple times.

Step 2: Organizing the Installer

After downloading, move the installer and offline installers into one folder for easy access.

Step 3: Running the Installer

Launch the installer, agree to the terms and conditions, and select “unpack files” in the install type. Choose the folder you prepared earlier for unpacking, click “unpack”, and proceed. This step unpacks all the files needed to run the Corona Renderer, which is typically installed in the 3ds Max folder. We’ll use these files with a batch file to open 3ds Max with this Corona version.

Step 4: Creating a Batch File

In your install folder, create a new text document, then rename it with a “.bat” extension and the name of the Corona version. If you can’t see file extensions, enable them through the “view menu/folder options/view tab” and choose “show hidden files, folders, and drives.”

Step 5: Editing the Batch File

Edit the batch file (right-click and select Edit) and add the provided batch code.

The code has three parts: setting the environment variable for your 3ds Max version, specifying the path where the Corona files were unpacked, and pointing to the 3ds Max installation folder. Ensure you replace these paths with the correct ones for your setup.

Step 6: Running the Batch File

Save the batch file and double-click it. If done correctly, a new instance of 3ds Max using this version of Corona will open.

You can replicate this process for different versions of the Corona Renderer or 3ds Max. A key advantage of this method is the ability to test new Corona versions with your projects, ensuring compatibility before full installation.

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