How to Configure Measurement Units in 3ds Max for Archviz

Hello and welcome to a new tutorial! Today, we’re focusing on a critical aspect of architectural visualization – setting up units in 3ds Max. Proper unit setup is essential for ensuring the accuracy and realism of your projects.

Step 1: Accessing Unit Setup In the main menu, navigate to “Customize” and then select “Unit Setup.” This action opens a screen where you can choose both system units and display units.

Understanding System and Display Units It’s crucial to understand the difference between these two. System units define the scale for imported objects in your scenes, while display units are the units shown in the viewport.

Configuring System Units Click on the “System Unit Setup” button. By default, the measurement is set to inches. For example, if you have a cube of 100 inches on each side and switch the system unit from inches to centimetres, the object’s dimensions will change to 39.37 inches, equivalent to 100 cm. For architectural visualization projects, centimetres are typically the best option.

Choosing Display Units Display unit options include the metric system, the US standard, custom, or generic. Select the unit system that aligns best with your workflow and reference materials. Using the same units as your reference sources simplifies the modelling process.

Applying and Saving Settings After choosing your display unit, click the OK button to save your settings.

Using the Built-in Unit Converter 3ds Max comes with a handy unit converter. If you need to convert dimensions from one unit to another, just type the value followed by the unit symbol in the dimension field. For instance, typing “10in” in the height field will automatically convert the value from centimetres to inches. This feature is also available for other units like feet or meters.

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